yaya17 & our Yarn Art Yoga Academy

Our name means a lot to us. 

We merged yaya with 17 because yaya is the acronym for our Yarn Art Yoga Academy which is our community engagement and education business. The number 17 was selected because our first commercial product was our Smart Scarf which is made with 17 stitches and 117 bands.   

We incorporated the concept of yoga into our branding because this whole process revolves around brain, body, and spiritual health through positive energy and raising our collective consciousness.  Whether you are making, wearing, or observing our yarn art products, this is a new form of abstract art that engages us at a personal level and connects us as one. 

Yarn Artist and Founder, Diane (Di) Damp

Di has spent the past 17 years clarifying her vision and building the system that will ultimately enable her to realize it.  It's a moving story of how personal setbacks help us build the strength to make our dreams come true.  

Di's Story